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QNAP NAS Data Recovery Service.

Datlabs QNAP Data Recovery Service, recovering data from ALL failed and faulty QNAP NAS products and returning your data to you on a storage media of your choice. If you are experiencing  QNAP NAS failure, switch off  to prevent potential permanent data loss and contact our help line.

QNAP NAS and QNAP RAID Data Recovery.

Datlabs  Data Recovery Service technicians will repair, rebuild and recover data from ALL QNAP  NAS products.

Our technicians undertake controlled processes and procedures that ensure you will not lose your stored data.  This involves the repair and duplication of all the native hard drives before any system rebuild is attempted. Our data recovery technicians are experts in QNAP RAID reconstruction and QNAP  data recovery and will  rebuild any specific RAID configuration and subsequently extract, reconstruct, recover, test and transfer your  data onto a new medium ready to be returned to you. If further repair work  is required our technicians are experts in all aspects of file system repair  including NTFS, HFS+, XFS, EXT2/3/4 and many more.

If you have more advanced recovery requirements our trained technicians can also help.

 QNAP  NAS types supported:

Datlabs Data Recovery service technicians will repair and recover data from all types of QNAP NAS data storage devices such as :

  • QNAP TS-121, TS-120, TS-112P and TS-112. (up to  4 TB of storage)
  • QNAP HS-210, TS-221, TS-220, TS-269L, TS-212-P, TS-212-E, TS-212. (2 disk with  EXT3, EXT4 or HFS+ file systems).
  • QNAP TS-470 Pro, TS-421, TS420, TS469L.  (upto  16 TB, of digital storage)
  • QNAP TS-569L, (upto 16TB with fail-over)
  • QNAP TS-669L. ( upto 24TB )
  • QNAP TS-870 Pro, (upto 32TB )
  • QNAP UX-800P 10 drive bays !

QNAP NAS Problems.

We have seen them ALL before! Call: 0800 008 6638 for Immediate Technical Assistance.


QNAP   Network Attached Storage systems can be configured in a range of RAID levels such as RAID-5 or RAID-0.  QNAP  products are “a local cloud” data volume storage hub solution suitable for home and business. Losing  access to large amounts of critical data can therefore be  stressful and potentially devastating to a business or individual.

Datlabs dedicated  RAID recovery team  repair and recover  QNAP  NAS. Systems and we also offer a range of service level agreements to meet your needs. You can find more information regarding data recovery from failed RAID servers here.

QNAP NAS Volume Corruption

Your system may be suffering from volume corruption if you receive messages such as “this device needs to be formatted” or “this volume needs to be initialized before use”. If you encounter messages such as these, do not proceed with formatting or initializing the volume as this can lead to permanent data loss or a much more complex recovery process. The best course of action would be to power down the device in the correct manner (as per the manufacturers instructions) and get in touch with the Datlabs technical support and customer services help help will attend to the recovery of your data without risk of losing your data.

QNAP  Firmware Upgrade Failure

Always be careful to ensure adequate backups of your data prior to attempting an update of your NAS device as errors encountered during the upgrade process can cause the system to revert to factory settings which would require that you ‘initialize’ the drives prior to use, doing this can cause you to lose your precious data. Should an error occur when performing an upgrade to the firmware then do not hesitate to contact us straight away as a recovery at this stage would be more straightforward whereas it would be a great deal more difficult were the drives to be initialized.

QNAP  NAS Hard Drive Failure

If you have a multi disk  QNAP  NAS system set up in a specific RAID 5 configuration then it is capable of operating even when a single disk has failed. However the act of replacing the faulty disk and carrying out a rebuild puts a lot of additional stress on the remaining array members which has commonly led to a second disk failing during the rebuild. If this situation occurs then the best course of action is to send your faulty system in to a Datlabs QNAP data recovery specialist as any subsequent attempts to get the system back online can lead to permanent data loss.

QNAP  NAS Failed Rebuild

It is not uncommon for RAID system rebuild attempts to fail following the replacement of a single disk. The most common reason for this is that one or more of the remaining array members is suffering from ‘Media Degradation’ (Bad sectors as this is more commonly known). When the rebuild process encounters such degraded sectors it will commonly be unable to complete. Datlabs would look to overcome the degraded areas to create an image of each of the array member disks so that the array can be virtually reconstructed. This method safeguards the original data as only the images are utilized for the reconstruction, should any corruptions arise the images can be recreated from the original drives.

QNAP  NAS  HDD  Volume Bad Sectors

Bad sectors exist on all hard disks even from new, this is due to the fact that it is impractical to create a completely perfect platter surface. When the hard disk is manufactured, it is run through a series of processes which record the bad sector areas and ensure that the hard disk never uses them. Throughout the lifespan of the hard disk more bad sectors may arise due to the degradation of the magnetic properties of the platter surface. Once the hard disk reaches its threshold for these bad sectors it will begin to show errors such as reduced system speed and frequent system crashes. Bad sectors are a common fault and Datlabs have become very proficient in overcoming these areas. In order to do so we would place each of the defective disks on to specialist hardware in order to generate the best possible clone of the data content. Once this process is completed we then piece the array back together using the clones so as to protect the integrity of the data on your original drives.

QNAP  NAS System  Deleted Data

Deleted data can occur due to many reasons, the most common reason is that the user incorrectly formats the volume or attempts to get the system operational again after a logical corruption. If you suffer data loss via this method, the best thing to do is power down the system, in the majority of cases the data is still perfectly in tact but as far as the system is aware the entire volume is considered useable space. Recovering deleted data is one of the more straightforward processes and the difficulties arise when new content is placed on the system after the formatting. Data is only becomes irrecoverable once it is overwritten with new data and as long as the system remains online this can be occurring.

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Getting Help with your failed  QNAP NAS System.

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