Samsung Hard Drive Failure

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Samsung Hard Drive Failure

Samsung are a household name and more widely known for their televisions and mobile phones, but the brand name Samsung is still familiar to many for its hard disk drive products. The  Samsung brand has however been acquired by Seagate Technologies in 2011.

The Samsung M3 Portable is by far the most popular model sold at retail although other models such as the D3 Station Desktop, S3 Portable and P3 Portable are also popular.  Samsung M3 Portable prices begin at circa £50 for a 500GB model, the Samsung D3 Station Desktop Drive starts at around £70 for a 2TB drive. Datlabs provides the Samsung M3 as a standard offering for return media. You can find the user manual in our data recovery articles section.

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Samsung Hard Drive Faults

Samsung branded hard drives are inherently reliable and the most frequent incidence of failures we deal with are a consequence of the drives being knocked, dropped or generally mistreated. This generally results in the dreaded repeated clicking noise that indicates the read write heads have been disturbed and are no longer functioning correctly. Buzzing noises usually indicate that the read write heads have contacted the platters , overheated and have welded to the platters on power down. subsequently preventing the spindle motor from rotating.

No matter what the underlying fault with your Samsung hard drive the Datlabs team is available most days from eight till late to assist. .