Seagate Large Capacity Hard Disk Drives

Seagate Large Capacity Hard Disk Drives.

Large capacity hard disk drive data storage is available from Seagate Iron Wolf, Barracuda and Sky Hawk 10 TB  product ranges. 12TB helium filled hard disk drive products are in the final stages of pre-release product development and rolling out of  manufacture in the coming 18 months will also be 14 TB and 16 TB hard disk drive products. The availability of these products sends a strong message to the market that Seagate technologists can deliver against their demanding development program that is targeting an industry first 20TB hard disk drive product by  2020.

Reliable “product futures” availability projections from the likes of Seagate are key to stimulating affiliate development products such as  home hub, business, infotainment and surveillance systems. These high capacity hard disk drive products are essential components of future data storage systems, vital in satisfying the world’s exponential growth in creating and distributing data.

The ever adaptable and obliging hard disk drive remains the product of choice for system developers in the field of  long term, large capacity, low-cost, searchable digital data recording applications.

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