seagate_vr power hard disk drive

Seagate Portable Hard Disk Drive with Power Unit.

Seagate has developed a strap-on portable drive and battery combo for HTC’s Vive Focus virtual reality headset.

Seagate Technologies new VR Power Drive is a strap on portable hard disk drive with a combination battery pack offering 5000mAh capacity. The unit hooks up to Vive Focus headset using a MicroB cable and USB-C adapter and clips the user’s waist belt.(Seagate already delivers a 1TB hybrid hard disk drive in Sony’s PlayStation and a 2TB external hard drive for the Xbox.)

The Vive Focus’s on-board battery provides up to three hours of active use, four hours for seated vehicle passengers. Active use means playing VR games or watching movies. The Seagate VR Power Drive could double this.

The Focus has a MicroSD slot supporting up to 2TB of external memory for its Snapdragon 835 CPU. Seagate’s 1TB addition looks a tad mean. A Seagate spokesperson said: “We will continuing investigating the market needs.”

The unit costs $600 and is only on sale in China and will be available elsewhere later this year.

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