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Experiencing issues with one of these Drives?

Seagate Rosewood

Seagate Rosewood, Worth trusting with your data?

In 2016,  Seagate released a new family of super slim hard disks drives named Seagate Rosewood Drives. These drives are extremely thin at a mere 7mm and weigh in at an impressive 3.17oz.

Devices that typically contain  Rosewood drives :

  • Many small form factor Laptops.
  • Maxtor External hard drives such as the M3 series.
  • Seagates Latest Backup Plus and Expansion drives.
  • LaCie Rugged Mini and Thunderbolt drives.
Seagate Rosewood Drives

At Datlabs our customers have submitted a relatively large number of Seagate Rosewood hard drives that we have discovered have similar fault conditions.

The  common fault is drives exhibiting a buzzing noise caused by the read write heads becoming stuck to the recording media platter surface. The buzzing noise is caused by  the low torque motor trying and failing to rotate.

So what is the likely cause ? The minute tolerances inherent in the design of the HDA (hard drive assembly) leaves them susceptible to damage in every day use.  As you can see from the image the lid of the drive is circa 0.5mm thickness and this is all that protects moving parts such as read/write heads from a knock/drop or adverse environmental conditions.

The images opposite also show what you see when you peel back the label. In places, the only thing protecting the platters (where your precious data is stores) is a sticky label.

The construction of the assembly renders them susceptible to a multitude of potentially destructive influences, a drop at the wrong angle and you can hit the platter.

Any defect in the label will disrupt the air bearing (which stops the heads touching the platter) and lead to a head crash and once again it’s bye bye data.

We recommend users check that the hard drive installed in their data storage and processing product/s is fit for the intended use and of course that where possible users schedule frequent back-ups and regularly check the health of their installed hard drives. In this way users can militate against an unexpected catastrophic hard drive failure.  In all events our expert technicians are on hand to deal with recovering data from these  products if they fail unexpectedly.

For a more in depth look at these drives please visit our Seagate Rosewood Page