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How to pack a hard drive for data recovery.

If you can use an anti-static bag to put your hard drive in.  Wrap your hard drive in a couple layers of bubble wrap to secure it. Wrapping it in bubble wrap will keep it from potential further damage and sliding around inside the box. Padded envelopes are not adequate, and may not provide enough protection for the circuit board or memory chips during shipping. If you have a number of hard drives wrap them individually.  Try not to use use foam or popcorn to pack the drive, as this will generally cause a build up of static electricity that can potentially damage electronic components.

Choose a box that is robust,  in good condition and fits the size of the drive, preferably  leaving a few inches of space on all sides. Make sure the drive is secure inside the box not moving or shaking loosely inside box Put more bubble wrap or crumbled paper around the drive as necessary to stop it from moving around.

Next, print out  a copy of your quotation letter and place it inside the box along with the hard drive(s), Tape the box up securely and attach a  mailing label to the outside of the box with the Quote Number Written on it.

Drop your box off at a local shipping facility or wait for our courier to collect it from you. We regularly use Parcel Force  for our shipping.

Hard Drive Anti Static Bag

box with bubble wrap
Hard Drive Package

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Of course if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call and speak to a data recovery specialist who can walk you through our processes and precautions.