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Computer Solid State Drives (SSD’s) contain no moving parts and as such are far less prone to physical damage that can result in data loss. These small, light and robust devices are rapidly becoming a choice for the consumer and the IT professional alike.

Solid State Drive (SSD) technology is found in laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and tablets. SSD ‘s are also used in large scale enterprise storage equipment. SSD Failure can be a consequence of a single chip fault, electronic component failure or software descriptor corruption. Here at Datlabs we have the expertise, technology and facility to remedy faults and where viable recover stored data.

Solid State Hard Drive Manufacturers.

Datlabs Data Recovery services can recover data from these and other popular SSD brands:

  • Intel®
  • SanDisk®
  • Western Digital Silicon SSD
  • OCZ® Technology
  • Patriot Memory®
  • Samsung®
  • Micron®
  • Kingston Technology®
  • STEC®
  • PNY Technologies®
  • Crucial®
  • Transcend®
  • Seagate Go Flex Thunderbolt

Unlike hard disk drives, Solid State Drives store data in flash memory chips. This eliminates data loss due to mechanical or hardware damage, such as head crashes or motor defects.

SSD Failures.

Data loss occurs however due to damage to the flash chips. Here are some common failures with SSD drives:

  • Electronics component failure
  • Controller chip failure
  • Flash cell degradation
  • Data corruption due to power surges or failures
  • Damage to printed circuit boards
  • Damage to connectors

Additionally, SSD storage devices are susceptible to traditional data loss events such as human error, computer viruses, natural disasters, and software/programme corruption.

In addition to recovering data from the common sources of SSD failures, the Datlabs team has developed data reconstruction procedures that will identify, separate and reassemble your SSD memory so that your files or data will be able to be extracted.

SSD Data Extraction and Reconstruction.

SSD hard drives were originally designed and product-ized as direct replacement items for the standardized hard disk drive, having a same physical form factor, interface and configuration implementation. More recent product applications however utilize the underlying solid state storage technology with improved performance and efficiency. Typical of recent SSD applications is the digital storage installed in the latest Sony Vaio laptop. This laptop has an optional Samsung 512GB Model MZRPC512 installed that contains dual 256 GB volumes on a single circuit board. These volumes interface with the Intel CPU Storage management using a single LIF connector cable and can be configured in RAID or as discrete volumes.

SSD data recovery.

The process of recovering data from a failed and faulty SSD is relatively much more complex than recovering data from a faulty HDD. The difficulty we experience is with a lack of standards. Each manufacturer having different service applications involved in their management. With no standards our technicians must treat each recovery as a unique case. The recovery processes for an SSD therefore requires specialist techniques and knowledge that can match the specific requirements of each brand and model of SSDs

With the Samsung device referred to above; LIF / SATA cable adaptors are not available for our test and recovery lab equipment and expedient soldering is needed to the SSD PCB SATA edge connectors in order to diagnose and resolve failure issues. i.e. data images of each volume being copied to alternative storage and a RAID emulation applied using correct disk order and stripe size in order to reconstruct the data.

These specialist requirements add time and complexity to our procedures which unfortunately add to costs ithat have to be accounted for in our data recovery pricing.


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Datlabs Technicians provide a full SSD data recovery service. Here you will find useful information to assist in troubleshooting known  problems with specific makes and models of SSD’s

The benefits of using solid state drives ( SSD’s) in preference to hard disk drives (HDD)  are substantial. These digital data storage products are now pretty much standard fit for smaller slim line computer products with traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) filling the larger capacity work horse computer product space and external hard drive product market.  With cloud storage options available to users the  SSD market is booming with projections of 200 million global sales targets being exceeded at year five.  80% of SSDs now sold are used in mobile and laptop devices.

SSD Reliability.

In a recent survey a staggering 30%  of users of SSD’s had experienced a device failure. It seems as SSD technology becomes more popular and more affordable, data loss issues will also increase.


When choosing to purchase an SSD device please consider reliability and recovery issues and ensure you have contingency plans in place if things go wrong.

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