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Toshiba Hard Drive Data Recovery.

Datlabs recover data from faulty Toshiba hard disk drives and the other major manufacturers Seagate and Western Digital. Our skills, expertise and facilities means we are the largest and most effective data recovery service provider in the UK.

Toshiba Hard Drives Typical Failures. 

The computer is unresponsive , producing SMART errors and often described by our customers  as “running slow,” is a common symptom and is an indication of a hard drive with bad sectors. Bad sectors are corrupt areas of the hard disk recording media caused by poor read/write head performance, wear and tear or environmental issues. Bad sectors usually accumulate very quickly and are best dealt with immediately by the user. The symptoms are however mistaken for other problems such as virus infection or internet connexion. We always recommend that the drive is switched off in order to preserve the data it contains. We also recommend that disk checking programs like Chkdsk and Scandisk are not run as they will cause more damage and reduce the chances of successfully recovering the data.

Toshiba Hard Drive Not Recognized.

Disk no longer recognized in the BIOS and where a mechanical failure of the read-write heads exists there with be a discernable ticking or clicking noise. The hard drive may also be dead with no apparent life in it all. Failure symptoms like these strongly suggest that the hard drive has an electro-mechanical problem.

Files and Folders Permanently deleted in Error.

On occasions there will be nothing physically amiss with the Toshiba hard drive at all, yet files and folders are not accessible. This is generally a result of a corrupt file system or partition table or formatting issue. Successfully recovering the data often involves manually rebuilding data structures on the hard drive and restoring access to files and folders.

Hard Drive Spin-up + Spin down Cycle.

The fault can be mechanical or firmware related or a combination of the two. Following a full diagnosis we can generally restore the device to a proper working state, regain access to the stored files, folders and data and transfer them to a new external hard drive and return your data to you.

Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive

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Toshiba Hard Drive Types

We find that Toshiba hard disk drives are generally installed in Toshiba branded products . Many Toshiba Hard Disk Drive products have Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS) Detector components as an integral part of the design technology.  This element of the hard disk drive design acts to protect the read write heads in the event of a sudden drop or jolt. Here you can read more about Toshiba hard disk drive drop protection and the underlying SMS design technology. These Toshiba product ranges can be found installed in Laptop, External Hard Drive, NAS RAID Server or Mac book computers but faults and data recovery processes are largely the same.The current range of hard drives includes :

Toshiba X300
• 3.5″ SATA Hard Drive
• 4 TB / 5 TB / 6 TB capacity
• 7200 rpm
• 128 MB buffer

Toshiba E300
• 3.5″ SATA Hard Drive
• 2 TB / 3 TB capacity
• 5700 (2 TB), 5940 rpm (3 TB)
• 64 MB buffer

Toshiba P300
• 3.5″ SATA Hard Drive
• 500 GB / 1 TB / 2 TB/ 3 TB capacity
• 7200 rpm
• 64 MB buffer

Toshiba H300
• 2.5″ SATA hard drive
• Optimized caching algorithm
• 500 GB / 1 TB capacity
• 5400 rpm
• 64 MB buffer

Toshiba L200
• 2.5″ SATA hard drive
• 500 GB / 1 TB capacity
• 5400 rpm
• 8 MB buffer