Very Small Computer Chips

Very Small Computer Chips.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory say they have discovered a new way to make transistors below 20 nanometres in size.

With current materials technology smaller than 5nm in size results in a quantum mechanical phenomenon called tunnelling, whereby the gate barrier is no longer able to keep the electrons from migrating to the drain terminals. This means the transistor gate becomes saturated and unable to provide a switch functionality.

Berkley research reveals that Molybdenum disulphide – MoS2 – in which electrons are “heavier” can be controlled using ion shorter gates. MoS2 can be manufactured in sheets 0.65 nanometres thick with a lower dielectric constant resulting in gate lengths of 1 nanometre.”

The potential application of this technology will hopefully facilitate the continued scaling down in the physical chip size used in computing and communication devices.

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