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Recovering Data From A Water Damaged Mobile Phone.

“My mobile was dropped in the sea, I desperately need the photos of our first family holiday with our new baby, can you help ?”

The mobile phone  had been dropped from the quayside into the sea and then recovered from its  muddy resting place. The client had then dried the phone and attempted a power-on without success.  He then dropped into our offices, explained the circumstances and  wanted  to engage our data recovery services.

A thorough inspection in our data recovery labs showed the mobile phone printed circuit board (PCB) had surface contamination and salt residue. The mobile phones battery had also swelled and  needed to be removed.

The PCB and other vital internal components were decontaminated using our specialist ultrasonic equipment. Once the cleansing process was completed, the components were placed in a desiccated enclosure. After a suitable period the phone was re-assembled and a power-on attempted, The phone however remained unresponsive.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves to agitate and assist a cleaning solution to remove contaminants adhering to substrates. Contaminants can be dust, oil, grease, dirt and salt deposits etc,

Following the cleaning process, the next step was to attempt a JTAG recovery process involving equipment connected directly to the internal data channels within the phone whilst supplying power from an external supply. Sadly this too was unsuccessful as the phone still failed to power up to the level required for the JTAG process. The only remaining option was therefore to remove the memory storage component(s) from the mainboard with a view to extracting the raw data directly from these. This requires specialist micro-desoldering techniques to remove the sensitive yet vital miniature chips without subjecting them to excessive or prolonged exposure to the heat needed to release them from the mainboard.

The memory chip was removed from the main circuit board and mounted in specialist reader equipment. The raw data content was extracted and processed using algorithms specific to the model and version of the phone. This resulted in a full recovery being achieved and the relieved customers were reunited with their photographs and videos and other multimedia files on a USB flash drive which also contained all the contacts, text messages and call log information in the form of a fully sortable and searchable spreadsheet.


Mobile Phone dropped in the sea

“I was distraught when my phone was dropped in the sea. At first I didn’t even think about the data that was on there, it was in the sea for several minutes before it finally washed up. After my attempts of getting nowhere with the phone I decided to contact Datlabs. At this point I had realised that the data I wanted to recover wasn’t in my reach and had value beyond any potential recovery fee (photos and videos of my newly born son). I was re-assured that I was in good hands as their friendly customer service team talked me through their data recovery process. In less than a week I was informed that my data had been recovered, as you can imagine I was absolutely ecstatic with the news that I would get back all of my son’s baby photos.

Thank you Datlabs.”

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