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WD My Passport Beeping Noises

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WD My Passport Beeping Noises.

The fault that causes a Western Digital My Passport external hard drive to make a beeping noise  is so common place that Datlabs offers this dedicated page to the topic.

The beeping noise you can hear is a consequence of the hard disk drive read write head ceramic becoming stuck to the disk drive platter surface and preventing the spindle motor turning. In the data recovery industry this condition is referred to as “Stiction.”  Stiction  prevents the hard disk drive spindle motor from turning producing a discernible beeping sound.

In technical terms stiction is the static friction that needs to be overcome to enable relative motion of stationary objects in contact.  The term is a portmanteau  of the term “static friction.”

The most common cause of stiction is a knock that disturbs the read write head settings which then make contact with the hard disk platter surfaces.  These platters are rotating at speeds of  5000 to 7000 rpm causing friction and overheating of the head ceramic. If the head settles on the platter surface it then becomes temporarily attached or welded and the hard drive spindle motor will beep on subsequent start-up.

To restore access to the data recorded on the platter surfaces Datlabs data recovery technicians must firstly open the hard drive in our clean room, release the read write head platter/weld, remove any debris or damage left behind then test if functionality has been restored. If the drive then becomes ready  we will copy all the available files and folders to alternative storage media. Data Recovery Services by professionals.

For larger capacity multi-platter hard  disk drives this process invariably involves the removal of the read write head assembly and the platters, specialist cleaning and inspection, replacement and re-alignment of the hard disk drive platters and the replacement of the read write heads.   You can read more about this unique service development from Datlabs by clicking the available link.

Portable Western Digital My Passport Enclosure .  They are exceptionally small yet pack quite a punch in terms of  data storage capacity. Upwards of 100,000 individual concentric data recording tracks are written to the surface of  a magnetic platter surface.

WD My Passport Ultra

The picture shows the internal workings of a hard disk drive.  The shinny disks are the recording media or platters. The read write heads can be seen in this picture to the side of the platters sat on a plastic parking ramp ready to load during read write operations.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Once a Hard Disk Drive is opened  for examination purposes the use of a Clean Air and ESD compliant work environment is essential in order to sustain the integrity of operation during repair,  re-assembly and testing operations.

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Datlabs Data Recovery Services are available 0800 through till 1800 on week days and OOH on call through till 2200 most evenings and week ends for emergency situations.

Datlabs data recovery technicians have a wealth of experience involving data loss situations and will be able to advise on your particular problem and if possible how to resolve it. Given the information you have provided they will then offer you a quotation either verbally or by email.

Free Courier Collection of your hard drive.

In most cases we are able to provide a free UK courier collect service. (there are exemptions so please clarify). Your courier service will be arranged from your home or office location and you will be advised of a job tracking number and also address and contact details.

In all cases please pack your equipment robustly against damage in shipping.

Please note that Datlabs bears no liability for loss of equipment or data and that all equipment and storage equipment we receive is effectively faulty or damaged so if your equipment and data has a perceived value than please consider insuring your goods and stored data against loss.

Data Rescue and Data Restore.

The bulk of our work involves Data Recovery Services from hard disk drives, so it is worthwhile briefly describing some of the activities that our technicians undertake when recovering data from faulty hard drives.

  • Swapping, repairing and reprogramming damaged hard drive PCBs, including those with on board USB connector. e.g Western Digital MyPassport.
  • Substituting and testing ROM Chips.
  • Hard Disk Drive Read Write Head stack replacement, this work is normally associated with “Clicking” or “Buzzing” Hard Disk Drives.
  • Hard Disk Drive Platter Swap Out, Our technicians will perform this work in the case of a seized spindle motor. It is a complex and fiddly process involving specialist tools and the meticulous alignment of components in their new hard drive assembly.
  • Hard disk drive read write head replacement. Our technicians undertake this work in over 60% of the hard drive failures we receive in our Labs. The work involves exact parts matching and sourcing. The use of specialist tools and test equipment i.e. hard disk drive imaging tools that can create read write head maps, deal with bad sectors and read errors and facilitate the transfer of data from the repaired hard drive.
  • Once the Datlabs technicians have restored operational functionality to your hard disk drive they will then proceed to extract the data and transfer it to suitable return media.

Returning your Data to you.

The quality of the extracted data is manually checked by our data recovery technicians. Data is validated and we will email you a file list for you to check. Once you are satisfied with the file listings we will transfer your data to an external hard disk drive or equivalent storage media ready for transport or collection.

Datlabs will retain a copy of your recovered data for upto 14 days just in case there is a problem with the data we returned to you. For your own security and peace of mind all copies of any data stored on the hard disk are securely erased.

You can discover more about Datlabs data recovery services  by clicking the link here or on one of our main pages.