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Western Digital  Hard Drive Data Recovery.

We recover data from all Western Digital branded  hard drives and G Technology and SanDsk data storage systems. Our  industry leading technology enables our labs to rebuild and recover data from dropped, clicking and beeping Western Digital  portable hard drives such as My Passport and WD Elements.   Call our help line for immediate assistance.

WD My Passport Drive Failure.

The convenient size and transport of Western Digital Element and Passport hard drives leaves them susceptible to mishap and accidental damage. Western Digital  My Passport and Western Digital  Elements  hard disk  drive product ranges once dropped or knocked typically produce clicking sounds that generally indicate a read write head mechanism  fault. Whilst buzzing or beeping sounds from a Western Digital Hard Drive can  indicate that the device spindle motor is jammed due to a condition we call “stiction.”  USB connector damage, water and liquid ingress are all in a days work  for the Datlabs data recovery team.

WD My Passport Ultra

WD G RAID Technology Failure.

Whether Configured for Mac,  Windows or  as a RAID System Datlabs technical team have successfully recovered data from many failed and faulty G Technology set-ups. G-Technology enclosures generally use multi drive technology for performance or data security. Datlabs have a dedicated RAID recovery crash team available 24 x 7 to assist clients get up and running as soon as is practicable.

WD-G-RAID Technology

Western Digital Hard Disk Drive Clicking Noise.

The most common symptoms associated with faulty Western Digital Hard Disk Drives, (as with most hard disk drives)   are clicking and buzzing sounds. Clicking sounds are generally caused by read/write head failure and buzzing sounds are generally associated with spindle motor malfunction (the spindle motor rotates the hard disk platters). In these cases the hard disk  drive assembly needs to be serviced in our clean air facility and fitted with replacement parts that restore it to a working condition. Once the hard disk drive is operational the data stored on its recording media can be extracted, error checked and transferred to a new and more reliable data storage device.

Western Digital Hard Disk Drive  Dead + Not Spinning. .

Typically  electronic components are susceptible to failure caused by over heating, over voltage, static discharge or short circuits. Western Digital hard drive electronic failure conditions  can be manifest and precise diagnosis can only be undertaken using specialist test equipment. Isolating and resolving a precise fault condition can be complex however considering basic symptoms can be useful in determining the overall nature of a fault and what work will be needed to restore access to your data.

A completely dead and unresponsive hard disk drive, unrecognized by your BIOS or operating system with no signs of life such as a motor spinning  can among other things indicate a damaged edge connector or  blown in-line or on-board fuses.

A spinning motor however is a possible indication that the basic electronics are  functional and that elements affecting the read/write functionality of the device have become corrupt or faulty and can be rectified to regain access to your data.

Hard Disk Drive Logical Failures.

Drive is spinning and boots fine however  can see folder s but cant open them, These types of conditions are what we call logical failures and are normally associated with a corrupt file structure.  these conditions are not unique to Western Digital Hard Disk Drives .

Returning Your Recovered Data to you:

An unexpected  hard drive failure is an unsettling “never again” experience following which Datlabs customers want to know two things ;

  1. how to ensure we don’t need your services again
  2. what’s the best hard drive to store their data on.

The response to point one is easy  “create as many copies of your data on as many different platforms as is possible and ensure you protect and keep them accessible and safe in the event one of them fails”.

The answer to point two is far more complex and is the subject of  burgeoning  product choices and an ever increasing number of user applications. The best we can offer under these circumstances is to point users to  manufacturer product details that will assist with their buying and deployment decisions. An example (please check the W D current product pages and information) of  this information as provided by Western Digital is shown here:-

Western Digital Hard Drive Models Explained

Western Digital Green Drives.

Western Digital Green Hard Drives have on-board  temperature control and Intelli-Seek technology for cool running and extended MTBF.  W D Greens have acoustic dampening and a Dual Stage Actuator for  high precision to reduce inherent bit errors  WD Ramp Load Technology ensures the recording head never touches the disk media, reducing wear and tear to the head and increases drive reliability.

WD Green

WD Green Hard Drive

Western Digital Red Drives.

WD RED hard disk drive product are for use in  NAS and RAID Systems running WD NAS ware 3.0. suited  to streaming media, back- up, file sharing with mobile devices and computers. Firmware technology built into every WD Red drive, seamless integration, robust data protection and optimal performance for systems operating in NAS and RAID environments.

Western Digital Black Drives.

WD Black hard drives feature Vibration Control Technology (VCT) for increased data accuracy, performance and reliability over time. WD Black has StableTrac Technology that stabilizes the hard disk platters for precision tracking in a particular sector during read and write operations. The WD Black also uses dynamic caching algorithm that optimizes the cache allocation between reads and writes.

Western Digital Blue Drives.

WD Blue is an entry level device for everyday storage solution requirements. WD Blue is available in a broad range of entry-level capacities, cache sizes, form factors and interfaces. WD Blue storage is tested and recommended for use in desktop and All-in-One PCs, industrial applications, notebooks, and external enclosures where capacity is not needed.

Western Digital Faulty My Passport  Case Study.

You can discover more detail regarding WD hard drive data recovery in the Datlabs Case Study section of this web site. Just click on :  WD  My Passport Data Recovery case study. You can also discover a wealth of information in the Datlabs Data Recovery Articles section, feel free to browse.