Case Study Western Digital My Passport Studio Data Recovery

Case Study: Western Digital My Passport Studio Data Recovery.

Case Reference:  Western Digital My Passport Studio.

Primary Device: Western Digital”s 1TB WD10TMVV.

These hard drives have an integral encryption facility and use a micro USB or SATA 3 interface to connect to your computer The “My Passport” enclosure electronics come with an encryption option complete with  customer enabled  password protection.

Product Specification Highlights.

WD Drive Utilities is a simple app with four functions. A diagnostics section can check SMART status, makes a quick disk test, or a complete test for bad sectors on the disk. Sleep Timer lets you set the idle time before spin-down: 10, 15, 35 or 45 minutes, or never. Drive Erase promises to permanently erase disk data. The fourth function is a cheeky Registration section to harvest your contact details.

Meanwhile, the separate WD Security app enables you to set a password to unlock the drive. As with the previous My Passport Studio, full disk encryption is always on; it’s up to the user to decide if they want to set a password to lock it down or not. You can also set the drive to auto unlock for the OS X user that sets up the drive.

Failure Symptoms:

  • Drive makes a buzzing noise and is no longer recognized – The failure is generally of a mechanical nature, either read/write head failure or stiction.
  • The drive is completely dead- usually an electronic component failure.affecting power to the hard drive controller card.
  • The drive is recognized by the OS but is slow and unresponsive – The drive may be accumulating bad sectors.

To remedy these faults we require:

  • Test equipment interface adapter.
  • Proprietary Test equipment.
  • ESD compliant work area + solder stations.
  • Clean Air Lab + specialist tooling.
  • Replacement Read/Write Heads
  • Experienced Technical Staff.

Recovering Data from the My Passport installed Western Digital”s 1TB WD10TMVV:

  • Release Stiction.
  • Clean debris from the HDD enclosure.
  • Replace Read/Write Heads.
  • Re-assemble and test the drive.
  • Transfer data to server + Regulate Bad Sectors.
  • Re-establish encryption verify read +transfer to  New Drive.


A number of fault scenarios affect these Western Digital products . This Datlabs  case study gives a general overview of the complexities involved in our data recovery processes and the underlying reasons customers NEED specialist data recovery companies who have committed investment in technology and their business operations.  More Information Here Concerning Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery.