xmas data recovery information

Datlabs Xmas Data Recovery Service Tips and Information.

Don’t Send Santa emails.

Santa wears thick sheepskin lined red gloves and cannot operate a tablet or mobile phone.  Santa needs your demands written on a postcard addressed to:-.

Santa Clause
The Grotto
Nicholas Way
North Pole

Don’t tell lies on your postcard.

Everybody has been naughty at some time during the year, claiming you have been as good as gold all year long will only risk a manual action and having your postcard put to one side in the pile marked “Elfvestigation”.  Best to come clean and admit to a few minor indiscretions.

Don’t  Overplay Your Xmas Present list.

The latest model mobile phones,  Play Stations and Tactical Strike Drones are valid demands that the Grotto text recognition readers can deal with, and they will be rolling out of central Sacktribution  with no problem.   Virtual Reality, Leading Edge Android technology however will be rejected,  ageing Elves will end up attempting to interpret your bad handwriting and you are more than likely to end up with a cast off  G RAM vacuum cleaner.

 Datlabs Rough guide to the Office Party.

We all know that the Office Xmas Party is a good opportunity to get everything off your chest. Police notwithstanding ,  make your exposure appear an act of charity meant to benefit those who are less well off.  Later forensic examination of images released on social media can then be re-purposed as an act of generosity that will enhance your CV.

Bath Room Facetime.

Bath rooms at xmas can be dangerous places, so treat them with caution.  Opportunities for your iPhone to turn unexpectedly into a bar of soap are manifest.  At best a water damaged smartphone will instantly transform your fun night out into an unwanted pre-historic trip down memory lane.   That time of eight track car stereos and having to use an A to Z to find your way home.  Our number one Xmas tip is back you’re phone up before your night out and don’t use your phone in the bathroom,” not even to call Santa.

Xmas Eve: Put that Clicking Hard Drive to use.

Data recovery award winning tip submitted by “Dad Dancer”

Operate an old useless clicking hard drive for five minutes at your child’s bedtime.  The noise will emulate the sound of reindeer hoofs on roof tiles, comforting those whose petulance may have been chided earlier with threats of a non-delivery.  

Santa’s Grotto Data Storage System.

With almost 2 Billion children’s names and addresses and distribution lists to record each year,  Santa’s Grotto operations have to be a slick. With on the fly individual gift lists, mobile and Satellite NAV interfaces plus dynamic update capability.  It is no surprise that Datlabs has been chosen as sole adviser to Santa and also to deal with any defective data storage product deliveries that happen to fall through his Grotto quality control net.   If you need  a data recovery service over the xmas break then call  Datlabs: 0871 977 2999.

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